Jamaica Mission Trip

July 15-22, 2017

What will we be doing?

We will lead Vacation Bible School, help build a church sponsored Christian community center (that will help reach those in the Saint Anne’s area), feed the poor through home visits, visit & minister to the permanently ill at the “infirmary”, share the Gospel with the adults and children in the areas we minister, and worship in a Jamaican church.

How will this affect my heart?

Many of the Jamaican people know they are broken & think they must earn their way to God’s forgiveness. They know they do not have much to offer Him. It is both humbling and exciting to share the message of God’s grace & love with those who think you must work to earn love. It changes your life to share the story of God’s mercy and see the light of freedom when they realize salvation is a free gift. You will be changed by sharing Jesus with others. You will be changed by serving others!

Why is this trip a good fit for me?

Jamaica is a great first time mission trip experience because it is a place that you can: drink the water, speak the language (English) and travel to easily. The food is good. The people are welcoming. Our night time accommodations are very comfortable and safe. Who is this trip for? This trip is for anyone who believes God is calling them on a mission trip. As a youth or a parent of a youth you are definitely invited to go! We love when our students and their parents catch a heart for serving others & reaching them with the Gospel. If you are a middle school student, we ask that you bring a parent on this trip with you.

What is the trip cost?

Approximately $1600

How Can I Afford This Trip?

Our group is in the middle of a Chicken Dinner Fundraiser right now & is planning more fundraisers. We will also be sending out support letters to family and friends. It is common for someone’s trip cost to be cut in half by fundraisers and support letters. I will be sharing at our Jamaica meeting on October 23rd how it is possible to get your trip cost down near $400.

Is it safe?

Our team stays in a safe gated area with multiple layers of security. In the 2 decades that our mission organization IsleGo has led over 15,000 participants into missions with them, they have never had a major security issue.

How can I hear more information on this trip?

On October 23rd in the Fellowship Hall after 2nd Worship Service we will have a parent meeting for you to hear more info on this Mission Trip.

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