Why Should I Get Connected?

The simple reason is that we believe spiritual growth happens best in relational environments.  At Kiokee, we desire to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus.  This has traditionally been called discipleship.  We believe that true discipleship is a dynamic, life-long process.  While everyone’s journey with Jesus is unique, there are three key markers in the life of a disciple of Jesus.  Jesus’ words recorded in Matthew 4 illustrate our three-part definition of what it means to be a disciple of His.

He (Jesus) said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 (ESV)

“Follow me”

A disciple is someone who follows Jesus.  He leads.  We follow.  We make a willful decision to change the direction of our lives and follow Him. (Head)

“I will make you”

A disciple is someone who is being changed by Jesus.  This is the process of sanctification where Jesus transforms our character from the inside out to be more like Him.  (Heart)

“Fishers of men”

A disciple is someone committed to the mission of Jesus.  A disciple has a desire to help others know about who Christ is and what it means to follow Him.  (Hands)

At Kiokee, believers are equipped, encouraged, and supported in this process of discipleship through four primary discipleship environments:  Worship, Sunday School, LIFE Classes, and K-Groups.


Four Primary Discipleship Environments


In Worship, We Give Glory

Our primary purpose in corporate worship is the same as our primary purpose as individuals: to ascribe glory to God (Psalm 29:2).  We believe the Bible teaches that worship is something we offer to God, not what we hope to experience and that it is essential for the Body to join together to declare His greatness through song, Bible study, and testimony.  Meeting corporately also creates an atmosphere in which we can encourage one another to live godly lives.

In Sunday School, We Get Connected

In Sunday School, our goal is to help you get connected to God’s Word, with others, and to life at Kiokee.  The Bible is our source for understanding who God is and how we should live.  Therefore, Bible study is central in our Sunday School classes.  Since we believe that life change happens in relationships and through service.  Sunday School is also the place where you begin to make connections with a small group of people and learn about ministry opportunities at Kiokee.

In LIFE Classes, We Get Equipped

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is living and active.  Our LIFE (Living Instruction for Everyday) Classes are designed to provide practical instruction from the Word of God for those seeking to live lives of obedience and faithfulness between Sundays. These short-term classes will often feature content from noted pastors and Christian authors. Topics include basic instruction in Christian living as well as marriage, parenting, Spiritual Gifts, and finances.

In K-Groups, We Grow Deeper

We believe that people are best brought to wholeness and maturity within an atmosphere of honest open relationships where people commit to talk about spiritual things.  K-Groups are where we grow deeper in our relationship with God. Each K-Group is composed of 8 to 12 people committed to each other and to Christ.  They meet weekly in homes or on campus to fellowship, study the Word together, and to participate in the mission of Jesus.