LIFE Classes

LIFE Classes meet from 6:30pm – 7:30pm on Wednesday nights.

Listen, Love, Repeat – Open to Women
Join us as we begin the 9 week study “Listen, Love, Repeat” by Karen Ehman. This study will equip us to live alert to those around us with Christ as our example.  The first several weeks of our study will include a time of connecting with one another, as well as fun activities to introduce the ideas covered in our study.  Join us as we learn, discuss, and are equipped with practical tools to love others well.  The study will be led by Linda Bradford and Andrea House. Cost of the study guide is $8 with an optional book available for an additional $10. Meeting in Room B206 

Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual  – Open to All
This class will be led by Wes Gardner, through Jim Putman & Avery Willis’s Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual. This class is designed to help us clarify what we mean when we talk of making disciples as well as provide practical steps to help us be intentional in our environments. Cost of the book is $10. Meeting in Room C201

1 Peter: Where Suffering and Faithfulness Meet – Open to All
This class will be led by Steve Hartman, and will be a study of 1 Peter. Those who persevere in faith while suffering can be filled with hope, and in the next 12 weeks we will be looking at how to cling to God and choose faith when suffering seems too challenging. Bring your Bible and a friend! Meeting in Room C204

K-Groups and Small Groups (as assigned)