Preschool Ministry

We believe that children from the youngest of age not only need to be well cared for, but also need to be and can be taught about our Great God.

Our Vision for Preschool Ministry

Most people when looking for the area of a church where childcare is provided would expect to find the word “Nursery”.  You will notice that at Kiokee we choose to use the word “Preschool” instead.  Why?  Because we believe that children from the youngest of age not only need to be well cared for, but also need to be and can be taught about our Great God.  We believe significant ministry to children begins in the preschool years and therefore we purpose to teach our preschoolers.  We don’t ever want them to remember the first time they heard about God or Jesus.  We want those names to be as familiar to them as Mom and Dad.  So while we will strive to provide a safe and caring atmosphere for you to leave your preschooler in, we will work just as hard to make sure their time here is well spent and profitable for their spiritual growth.

Teaching our Preschoolers Biblical Truths

There are many avenues through which a child can learn.  We have chosen three specific ways to help our preschoolers learn simple Bible Truths.


One way that information enters a child’s mind is through their senses – seeing, feeling, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing.  Many or all of these senses will be incorporated into the teaching of a Bible lesson.  For example, if the Bible lesson is about Jesus having breakfast on the beach with some of His disciples, then we might eat breakfast as part of the lesson (tasting, smelling) or we might have a beach center with sand and water (seeing, feeling).


Another way that young children learn is through repetition.  Repetition is actually a necessary part of a child’s learning.  Songs and stories become favorites to children as they hear them over and over again.  Simple Biblical Truths become familiar to children as they hear them repeated in Sunday School, their Worship Hour Classroom, and Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes.


Play is a child’s full-time occupation.  No one has to teach a child how to play; it is instinctive, built into their nature.  Play does not sound very spiritual, but it is actually one of the greatest avenues for teaching children simple Biblical Truths.  As a child plays with a doll in the home living center, a teacher can say, “You have a baby.  Jesus was born as a baby.  God sent Jesus to us.”  As a child builds blocks, a teacher can say, “Let’s say one word from our Biblical Truth each time you stack a block – There is only one God.”  As a child plays in the nature center a teacher can say, “God made the zebra.  God is all-powerful.  He can do anything.  Nothing is too hard for Him.”