Preschool Ministry

We believe that children from the youngest of age not only need to be well cared for, but also need to be and can be taught about our Great God.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my baby be before he or she can attend Preschool Ministries?

Our recommendation is that your child be at least six weeks old prior to bringing him or her to Preschool.  Parents are welcome to bring their babies earlier if they desire.  We suggest you check with your child’s pediatrician if you plan to bring them earlier than six weeks of age.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Please click here to see What to Expect During Your First Visit

How can I know my child will be safe while attending Preschool Ministries?

Please click here to view our Safety and Protection Policies.

How will you contact me if my child needs me?

If your child becomes inconsolable or unwell, you will be paged by the Preschool staff.  Pagers are available at each computer check-in station.  The pagers will vibrate if you are needed.  Be sure to wear the pager on your waistband or in a pocket.

What if my child cries when I drop him or her off in a Preschool class?

It is normal for little ones to sometimes cry when a parent or grandparent leaves, but this usually does ot last long once their attention is redirected.  It is usually best for the parent or grandparent to take a pager and quickly exit the classroom.  A teacher will take a crying child and start showing him or her something interesting in the room.  They may find a new toy together or start blowing bubbles or meet a new friend.  Within a few minutes, the child usually joins in the classroom activities.  However, if your child cries for more than 10 minutes, we will page you unless you want the teacher to continue working with your child to help him adjust to his new classroom.  See more tips for helping you and your child cope with separation anxiety on the Making Church a Good Place for You and Your Child page.

What if my child has a runny nose but it is clear?  What if he had a fever but it broke last night?  Can I still bring my child to Preschool if he is sick?

Please see our Health and Wellness policy for a detailed list of what you should consider before bringing your child if he or she is sick.

Is there a private area available for nursing mothers?

A Nursing Room, equipped with rockers and a changing table, is available for your comfort and privacy in the 0-6 month room (B204) on the 2nd floor of building B.