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A Heart For All Seasons

Our Associate Pastor, Wes Gardner, taught this morning from 1 Samuel 21 and Psalm 34. There are many facets to David, there are good choices and bad choices, but God’s purposes never fail.

Wes challenges us about how we sometimes live in survival mode and the importance of our choices when life gets tough.

David models three common mistakes we make when life gets tough.

  • He goes to church.. but he’s not looking for God. (1 Samuel 21:1-9)
  • He gives in to fear. (1 Samuel 21:12)
  • He thinks he can save himself. (1 Samuel 21:13)

David teaches three key moves we must make when life gets tough.

  • He goes to church. (Psalm 34:1-3)
  • He redefines fear. (Psalm 34:4,7,9,11)
  • He trusts God’s salvation. (Psalm 34:19-22)