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How God Confronts & Forgives Me

Our pastor, Steve, is teaching a series on the life of David, a well-known character in the Bible. There are many facets to David, there are good choices and bad choices, but God’s purposes never fail.

Today Steve preached on 2 Samuel 11-12 & Psalm 51, and how God confronts and forgives us.

Three Aspects Of How Sin Works

  1. Dabble in boundary-breaking.
  2. Delight in the possibilities of sin.
  3. Dismay at the consequences.

My repentance becomes real.

God uses:

  • His Word
  • His People

My repentance is all-consuming.

  • God is my focus.
  • I own my sin.

My sin is dwarfed by Christ.

Steve quoted Tim Keller’s definition of repentance, “Killing the habits of my heart that are killing me, without killing myself.”

Steve also read from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book Temptation.