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Sunday School

Our 4 Yr. Old – 5th Grade classes use the Children Desiring God curriculum. Below you will find information regarding the philosophy of our Sunday School curriculums.

We believe that the Bible is a book first and foremost about God.  The other characters in the Bible merely point to God.  So in our curriculum, we have attempted to exalt God – to show Him as a great and almighty God.  In every lesson, Scripture is studied in the context of the question, “What does this say about God?”

We believe that children can handle deep truth at a young age.  We want to fill them with solid Bible truth that will give them a foundation to fall back on when they go through deep waters.  For this reason, the curriculum continually refers children to the Word of God.   We believe that the Bible must be taught in depth, yet in a child-friendly, interesting manner.  For this reason, much attention has been devoted to the development of creative presentation of essential Bible truths.

We believe that children learn “precept upon precept.”  Truth presented on a simple level in the preschool years is reinforced and expanded at primary levels, and so forth.  For this reason, truths are reintroduced to the children as they grow older, each time digging deeper and widening the scope of their understanding.

We believe that faith comes through hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  However, we also believe that teaching falls short if it simply feeds words through the minds of children.  We want truth to be clearly understood by the children.  Therefore, God’s truth is explained through illustration, connecting the known to the unknown.  Because interaction with God’s truth is critical, children are encouraged to look up scripture passages, discover and respond to truth.

Current Sunday School Classes

Children’s Worship

We have a Worship Service designed just for children ages 4 yrs. of age (by 9/1) through 3rd grade.

Our services are as follows:

SWEETWATER ACRES – (Ages 4 & 5 by 9/1) Meets the second through the fourth Sunday in Building A, Room A107.

CROSS TRAINING – (Grades 1-3) Meets the second through the fourth Sunday in the Chapel located in Building A.

Children’s Worship does not meet the first Sunday of each month, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, June, July, August, and will only meet the second Sunday in December. Children will attend Family Worship with their parents on these dates.

Have Questions?

Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sherry Matherly.