Missions Sunday

The Bible is beckoning us to great sorrow and unceasing anguish because we have brothers and sisters whom God has promised to adopt as sons and daughters, and our Father is sending us to bring them into the family that they might know the joy and the love and the hope and the wonder and the grace and the mercy and the grandeur and the glory of our God. There are around sixteen thousand people groups in the world, and six thousand of them are unreached. So why do we have great sorrow and unceasing anguish? Because our God is worthy to receive praise from 6,000 more people groups on the planet. David Platt

Part of our mission statement, part of the Kiokee heart, is to love and reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In an effort to inspire and challenge our hearts, we have invited George Murray, former Former Chancellor and President of Columbia International University, to speak on February 18th in both services.

We want to be a people passionate about the Great Commission, about sharing God’s hope and love with everyone we meet.

You don’t want to miss this Sunday!