RA Shoe Shine + Social

Everyone is invited to attend our annual RA Shoe Shine and Social hosted by our Royal Ambassadors (Boys 1st-5th grade).

We often explain to our RA’s how degrading it was for the servant who was the lowest of the low and was stuck with the job of washing the nasty bare feet of guests. We remind them that everything was throw into the streets of a town or on the dust roadway.

Imagine the Creator of the Universe scraping filth from 24 feet… one right after another. Don’t think that He did not expect us to value servant leadership. Don’t think that He will tolerate pride and ego over humbly serving others. The closest we can come to that object lesson is cleaning and polishing dirty shoes.

This event will be on Sunday, December 10th at 4:30pm in Room D103. Refreshments will be served.