Preschool Ministry

We believe that children from the youngest of age not only need to be well cared for, but also need to be and can be taught about our Great God.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Our Preschool Ministry welcomes first time guests, and we will strive to meet your child’s needs while they are in our care.  Come by the Preschool Welcome Center, located on the 1st floor of building B (through the double doors to the right of the drive thru), and let us know it is your first visit.  A Preschool Facilitator will assist you with check-in and escort you and your child to the appropriate Preschool classroom and introduce you to the teacher.  They will also be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  • First time guests are asked to complete a registration card.  This gives us important information we need in order to best care for your child.
  • Upon arrival, a nametag will be placed on your child and you will receive a matching security tag.  Please bring this tag with you when picking up your child.  For your child’s safety, we only allow an adult or sibling over age 16 who has the matching security tag to pick up your child.
  • When dropping your child off at his Preschool classroom, please knock on the door and a teacher will greet you.  We ask that parents please not enter the classroom as this can cause other children who are experiencing separation anxiety to become upset.
  • We ask that parents attach a bag tag (provided in the cubbies located outside each Preschool classroom) on their child’s diaper bag and label all items inside their child’s bag (bottles, cup, food containers, pacifiers, etc.).
  • Please tell your child’s teacher if he or she has food allergies.  Typical snacks served in the preschool include goldfish crackers, animal crackers, and Cheerios.  Cups in your child’s bag should only have water.  We have several children with food allergies and this helps protect them if they pick up the wrong cup.  (Click here for information about food and feeding on the Nursing Mothers, Bottles and Snacks page.)
  • Pagers are provided for parents at each Preschool computer check-in station.  Pagers will automatically activate once you remove them from the charger case.  If you are needed, your pager will vibrate so be sure to carry it close to your body such as on your waistband or in your packet – it will not give an audible signal.
  • When you pick up your child, please knock on the door and a teacher will greet you.  Give the teacher your child’s security tag and he or she will bring your child to you.
  • If your child has special needs, please be sure to notify the Preschool Facilitator so they can offer assistance in placing your child in the room that will best suit his or her needs.

Have Questions?

Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sherry Matherly.