Preschool Ministry

We believe that children from the youngest of age not only need to be well cared for, but also need to be and can be taught about our Great God.

General Information

As our Preschool Ministry partners with you and your family in teaching your young child about God and Jesus, you will find it helpful to become familiar with our Preschool and the adults who will be working with your child.

Our Preschool Ministry serves families and children from birth to three years of age.  Children who are four years of age by Sept. 1 are promoted to Children’s Ministry on Promotion Sunday, which is the first Sunday of August. Preschool classrooms are open 10 minutes prior to the beginning of regularly scheduled ministries and 30 minutes prior to special events.  See the Weekly Schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Upon arrival, parents of preschoolers are asked to check their child in, place a nametag on their child and take the matching security tag.  (Click for more information about our Safety and Protection Procedures.)

We ask that parents please label all of their child’s personal belongings with his or her name (carrier, diaper bag, bottle, cups, snack containers, pacifiers, etc.).  Diaper bag tags are available in the cubbies, located outside each Preschool classroom door.

Please include a minimum of two diapers in a child’s diaper bag or a full change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks) if the child is potty-trained.

Who will be working with my preschooler?

Preschool Ministry involves effort and leadership from a number of people.  The following leaders will be interacting with you and your child as they model and teach the love of Christ.

Preschool Facilitator

The Preschool is staffed with a Facilitator during the Sunday School and 2nd Worship Hour.  This person greets new Preschool guests, helps them check-in and find their rooms, and introduces them to their child’s teachers.

Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School Teachers are adults who are responsible for the classes’ Bible lesson during the Sunday School hour.  He or she uses a curriculum to plan and provide a Bible story along with activities such as art projects, music, sensory activities, or games that reinforce the Biblical Truth from the lesson.

Worship Hour Leaders 

Worship Hour Leaders are adults who are responsible for extending the classes’ Bible lesson from Sunday School into and throughout the 2nd Worship Hour.  He or she uses an extended curriculum to plan and review the Bible story along with activities such as art projects, music, sensory activities, or games that reinforce the Biblical Truth from the lesson.  On a rotating basis, the Worship Hour Leaders also incorporate the Playground and Bye-Bye Buggy into their lessons.  Worship Hour Leaders also have between one to three assistants who serve in the room with them.

Paid Preschool Workers 

Paid preschool workers are adults who provide childcare on Sundays during the 1st Worship Hour, Wednesdays, and during special events.

Have Questions?

Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sherry Matherly.