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The Rich Young Man

Ponder encountering someone who is genuinely perfect, always right, and knows everything about everything, including you.

​The Gospels reveal several individuals who encountered Jesus. They spoke, and He listened. For some, the conversation changed their life. For others, they continued as if it had never happened. This summer at Kiokee, we will look at those who encountered and conversed with Jesus.

Today, Ray Farrow teaches about the rich young ruler and Jesus from Matthew 19:16-22.

Opening Questions

A question from a guy who had it all: youth, money, power (he was probably a member of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish ruling court)

Here is life’s ultimate question… asked the wrong way, but he’s asking.

“What good deed must I do to have eternal life?”

Who is “good enough?” (Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19)

You don’t earn eternal life; you receive eternal life.

Jesus’ “Bible and Life Test” : What do you already know? And do you apply that to your life?

Plan A: Being a good person

How’s that working for you? Perfectly?

What’s your Plan B?

Revealing Answers

Who’s Your God?

The “Money” Test is that man’s “Pre-Test.” Salvation is found in “Come, follow Me.”

The Decision: The Showdown and the Walkaway

Jesus does not chase the man. He won’t chase you. You must come to Jesus.

Definition of Eternal Life – John 17:3

Will you walk away?