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Jesus, Paul, and Another Chance

Ponder encountering someone who is genuinely perfect, always right, and knows everything about everything, including you.

​The Gospels reveal several individuals who encountered Jesus. They spoke, and He listened. For some, the conversation changed their life. For others, they continued as if it had never happened. This summer at Kiokee, we will look at those who encountered and conversed with Jesus.

Today, pastor Steve preaches from Acts 9:1-22, about Saul’s encounter with Jesus, resulting in a miraculous transformation.


Three Transformations That Salvation Brings

  1. Desire for God
  2. Self-giving for God’s glory
  3. Self-giving for God’s people

A disciple is …

  • following Jesus
  • being changed by Jesus
  • committed to the mission of Jesus

Living Out Truth (Application):

  • The means of my salvation point to the way I serve: grace, truth, mercy, humility
  • If God wants me to serve out of love for Him and others – what does it mean if I don’t want to serve?
  • We don’t serve in order to be good; we serve because it is, in Christ, our identity. We are servants!


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