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Peter's Confession

Ponder encountering someone who is genuinely perfect, always right, and knows everything about everything, including you.

​The Gospels reveal several individuals who encountered Jesus. They spoke, and He listened. For some, the conversation changed their life. For others, they continued as if it had never happened. This summer at Kiokee, we will look at those who encountered and conversed with Jesus.

Today, Steve dives into Peter’s confession, found in Matthew 16:13-25.

Four Questions Jesus Asks

What do I believe about Jesus?

“Sincerity is not an automatic shoe-in for being right.”

What do I believe about Jesus’ Church?

What do I believe about the cost of my salvation?

Scripture Referenced: Psalm 62, Daniel 7:13-14

What do I believe about following Jesus?

“There is a difference between verbally voicing Jesus as the Christ and knowing Jesus as the Christ.”