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Why Does God Seem Absent In My Pain?

In a world of unanswered questions – about suffering, injustice, sin, and sorrow – have you ever wondered why life happens as it does?

As Christians, we believe the Bible is the leading source and location for all wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and instruction. What does it mean to affirm the Bible as the inspired, truthful and authoritative Word of God—and to live our lives accordingly?

Today, Steve sheds Scripture’s light on the topic of suffering from Jeremiah, known at the weeping prophet, in Lamentations.

When To Hope

When I am in darkness (v. 1-6)

  • Know that He does not waver in His love, despite my circumstances.

When I am treated as an enemy (v. 7-15)

  • Know that He does not negotiate, He gives.

When I worry about the future (v. 16-20)

  • Know that He has a plan for me today whether I understand it or not.

God is faithful. Always.

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