sm-textOur Beliefs

Statement of Faith

The Bible

The Bible is God’s perfect Word to us. Every word in the Bible comes from God. There are no mistakes in the Bible at all. The Bible tells us exactly how God desires us to live. The Bible has all you need to know to live for Jesus and find your satisfaction in Him.


The God of the Bible is one God. He shows himself to us in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Jesus has always been God. We believe in His virgin birth, sinless life, all His miracles, death for His people through which salvation comes, His resurrection from the dead, that He went back to heaven where He sits next to God the Father, and that He will come back one day to judge the earth.

The Holy Spirit

God, through His Spirit, dwells in all of those who have come to fully trust Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. The only way a believer has the strength and ability to live a godly life is continue to daily trust in God’s power that He gives through His Holy Spirit.


Anything that breaks God’s Word is sin. Every person is guilty of sin. Sin affects every part of every person. How we think, how we feel and what we believe to be important is all deeply effected by sin. According to the Bible sin must be punished.


Humankind was originally made to have a beautifully perfect relationship with God. Due to our sin choice we have become desperately broken on the inside. The Bible teaches that no one on their own even desires or tries to find God. If someone seeks the true God it is only because God graciously is giving that person the desire and ability to seek Him.


To be forgiven of sin you must fully trust in Jesus as your Savior by believing that Jesus took your punishment for sin on the cross. You must fully trust that what Jesus did on the cross is the only thing that can save you from sin and sin’s punishment.

God’s Saving Strength

Once God has brought someone to salvation he/she cannot lose their salvation. A true believer in Jesus may have some difficult times spiritually, but their life will be changed and they will learn to love God, obey God and love others more. A person who is not growing spiritually may need to check their life and make sure that they have really trusted Jesus as their Savior.


One day Jesus will return and resurrect from the dead all those who have fully trusted and followed Him. All true believers will have eternal life with God in heaven. Those that have not trusted in Jesus will be judged and sent to a terrible place called hell. Hell is a real place as described in the Bible. Anyone who dies without fully trusting Jesus alone as their Savior will suffer eternal punishment in hell.



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The entire foundation of our life with God launches out of what Jesus did by paying for our sin on the Cross.  He is the one who pursued us, freed us from being prisoners to sin and helped us believe in Him.  Jesus calls us to live our life in a way that makes much of Him and what He did on the Cross for our sins.

God’s Plan

God’s plan is given to us through what God has written in the Bible for us.  God, in the Bible, gives us clear instructions on how to live a life where we are free from sin and free to be completely satisfied in Him.  In Kiokee Student Ministry we teach the Bible regularly.  In fact, teaching God’s Word is the focus of what we do on Sunday morning in Sunday school, on Wednesday night and at our big events.  God through His Word changes lives.

God’s People

God has made us relational people who need each other to help us grow closer to Jesus.  Godly parents, leaders, friends, and teachers are all examples of people who God has called to help us grow deeper in our walk with Him.  We need each other.  We need to develop spiritual relationships.  Other people in your life need you to help them grow closer to Jesus too.  In our Student Ministry we emphasize the importance of godly relationships through small groups, fun events, and discipling relationships.

God’s Purpose

One of God’s great purposes for us is to go and make disciple makers.  We go in the truth of Jesus, the power of Jesus, in the transformation of Jesus, sharing the transforming work of Jesus with others – to the point that they help others also go and make disciple makers.



What we desire to be made up of (the five “P’s”):


(Explained Above) We are going places. We desire your young person to grow spiritually and have a passion for Jesus. We are specifically aiming for spiritual excellence. We purposely plan what we do, not just for socialization, but specifically so that your young person will have an opportunity to meet Christ and grow in Him.


We believe that the most effective youth ministry happens in the home, where as parents we attempt to live out our faith in an honest and real way. In the home God’s truths are made practical by a parent training, guiding, and disciplining his or her student. Any success that Kiokee’s Student Ministry has is in direct relationship to parents, by God’s grace, investing in their students. We support and applaud parents!


All of us need friends our age to hang around and influence us for Jesus. We believe that students desperately need lasting godly friendships that can encourage their relationship with the Lord.


As great as peer friends are, all of us need more experienced guidance from time to time. We believe that to grow a young person spiritually, they must have regular contact with growing adults. Our adult support and help is outstanding!


No one changes overnight. We believe that real spiritual character change happens as a process over time. We are happy to not only be a part of that process, but also be patient in it.[/tab_content]



Expectations for Kiokee Students

Know God deeply and personally through His Word

Trust the Bible as completely true in all it says. Pay close attention when someone teaches you the Bible. Daily Read the Bible for yourself.

Beg God regularly for help to grow spiritually

Grow more and more in a daily desperate dependence on God. Believe that you can only grow with His strength. Trust in the power of His Spirit to enable you to live an obedient life.

Live a life of worship to God

Purpose to glorify God in all aspects of your life by living in complete surrender and obedience to Jesus. Live life with the awareness that your life is to reflect to God, and others around you, your “wow” of Jesus. Allow God to satisfy your heart even in situations that are tough. Be purposeful in doing what helps you grow in love and obedience of Jesus (examples – thinking/meditating about what you read in the Bible, memorizing scripture, fasting, praying, listening to Christian music).

Grow in your passion for encouraging others spiritually

Be sure you understand the Gospel well enough to be able to clearly explain it to an unbeliever.

Ask God to bring people into your life that you can share Jesus with.

Look for ways to encourage other believers and unbelievers spiritually (especially with scripture). Look for opportunities to serve others.

Expectations for Kiokee Parents

Be committed to what we expect of our students plus:

  • Live out a Godly attitude toward your spouse in front of your teenagers.
  • As parents, work as a team to lead and guide your young people spiritually.
  • Model before your young people the kinds of attitudes and actions that you expect them to have.
  • Appropriately share with your young people what God has been teaching you in your life.
  • Take time regularly to read scripture together with your teenager and discuss it together (teach them small portions daily).
  • Ask your young people regularly how they are doing spiritually and what God is teaching them.
  • Help them guard their heart. Many times they don’t see how what they are doing will hurt them spiritually and emotionally. [/tab_content] [/tabs]