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In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the health of your family is likely at the forefront of your thoughts.  As parents, you are probably asking yourself questions such as:

      • Is it safe for my family to venture outside of our home? 
      • Where is it safe for my family to go?
      • Are we cleaning and sanitizing our home well enough?
      • Are we washing our hands enough?
      • Are we washing our hands correctly?

Protecting your family at this time is important to you because the safety and well-being of those who live in your home matters. As you consider the importance of your family’s physical health, have you also considered their mental health?   How would you say your family is dealing with the emotional stress, worry or anxiety that is often associated with major life changes such as the ones we are all experiencing as a result of COVID-19? If you find that your family is experiencing any significant level of difficulty in coping with stress or anxiety at this time, I encourage you to seek what you believe would be the best source of help for your family. We’ve included some health and wellness resources in the Week 7 tab of our Family Resources on  You can also submit prayer requests for your family on our church web site. If you feel that your family is coping fairly well but you’d still like to know something you could do to improve their overall mental health while you are staying at home; I encourage you to look for ways to focus your family on serving others.  Most mental health professionals agree that one of the best ways to stay healthy mentally, is to be outward focused instead of inward focused.  It is believed that serving others is actually one of the healthiest things we can do.  Why?  As we serve others, we also serve and build our own soul. And after all, isn’t serving what Jesus calls us to do as believers?  I Peter 4:10 tells us this, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” In Mark 10:45 Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” My challenge for you this week is to find at least one way your family can serve others. 

A Few Ideas for Serving Others:

      • Make Cards or Write Thank You Notes to family members or friends who are serving in the health care profession.
      • Draw Pictures or Write Notes to mail to residents of a local nursing home or senior citizen / assisted living home.  You could also send pictures and cards to family members and friends who are seniors (65 or older) and are now required to continue sheltering in place until June 12.
      • Find a local Food Bank that is in need of donations and shop for specific items needed.  If you do not feel comfortable going to a grocery store to shop for the items as a family, work together to create an online pickup order from a local grocery store. Food Banks in our area would include places such as Columbia County Cares, Broad Street Ministry or Golden Harvest.
      • Purchase items being collected by Columbia County Schools.  They are in need of baby items (formula, diapers and baby wipes), toilet paper and feminine hygiene products.  Again, shop at a store or create an online order together as a family.
      • Participate in Teacher Appreciation Week which is May 4-8.  You can find ideas for Teacher Appreciation by clicking on the Week 7 tab of our Family Resources at
      • Develop a plan to serve others this Mother’s Day which is Sunday, May 10.  In addition to serving the mother or grandmothers in your own family, look for other mothers or grandmothers of all ages that you could serve.  Consider single moms, mothers or grandmothers who may not have children that live locally or a mother or grandmother who is now a widow.  Check out the Mother’s Day ideas we’ve posted in the Week 7 tab of our Family Resources on

One of my favorite quotes that I have heard come out of COVID-19 is from Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church in Atlanta.  The quote says, “When the Coronavirus is just a story we tell, let’s make our stories ones that are worth telling.”  What story about serving others during COVID-19 would you love for your family to tell?

Partnering with you as together (Family + Church) we declare God great to the next generation.


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