We believe that people are best brought to wholeness and maturity within an atmosphere of honest open relationships where people can talk about spiritual things. K-Groups are where we grow deeper in our relationship with God. Each K-Group is composed of 8 to 12 people committed to each other and to Christ. They meet weekly in homes or on campus to fellowship, study the Word together, and to participate in the mission of Jesus.


Rick and Donna Player – Couples Group
Contact Rick at 706-799-1919 or rplayer9550@gmail.com

Charles and Carol Hogan – Couples Group
Contact the Hogan’s at 706-541-1450 or choganjohn1414@comcast.net

IB and Michelle Parnell – College Group
Contact IB at 404-985-6137 or mwparnell@yahoo.com



Wes and Lynn Gardner – Couples Group
Contact Wes at 706-541-1086 or wes@kiokee.org

Jared and Audrey Healy – Couples Group
Contact Jared at 309-756-8719 or zee70one@hotmail.com


Steve and Susan Hartman – Co-Ed Group
Contact Steve at 706-541-1086 or steve@kiokee.org

Brett and Nicole Wilson – Co-Ed Group
Contact Brett at 706-833-5366 or bwilson4114@hotmail.com


Marcia Bailey – Womens Group
Contact Marcia at 706-564-4429 or mbailey714@gmail.com

Ray and Ellen Farrow – Couples Group
Contact Ray at 571-264-2347 or rayfarrow47@gmail.com


Jeff and Melanie Meeks – Couples Group
Contact Jeff at 706-541-1086 or jeff@kiokee.org