Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes meet from 9:45am to 10:45am.

Sunday School is where we hope you will connect with other members or visitors of Kiokee. It’s the place to study God’s Word, make new friends, and find community.
If you need assistance finding a class, someone in the Welcome Center will be glad to help you!
Preschool 1Children Desiring GodB204
Preschool 2Children Desiring GodB208
Preschool 3Children Desiring GodB105
Preschool 4Children Desiring GodB104
2 Years OldGod's Unfolding StoryB107
3 Years OldGod's Unfolding StoryB106
4 Years OldGod's Unfolding StoryA112
KindergartenGod's Unfolding StoryA109
1st GradeTHE ABC's of God
A study for children on the greatness and worth of God
A study for children on redemption
A study for children on the promises of God
A study for children on following Jesus
A study for children on the providence of God
New BelieversA206
Special NeedsA110
6th GradeThe Gospel Project

Teachers: Cliff Hill, Linda Nobles & Christina DeFoor
7th & 8th GradesThe Gospel Project

Teachers: Keri Ball & Jacob Matherly
9th & 10th GradesThe Gospel Project

Teachers: Randy Wurst & Charlie Ball
11th & 12th GradesThe Gospel Project

Teachers: Keith Price & Ollivia Brown
Adult ClassLife during and immediately following "the college years" is full of spiritual challenges, exposure to a variety of worldviews, and life-changing decisions! The College/Young Adult Sunday School class provides an opportunity for young adults to gather, discuss, and understand how the Bible can powerfully influence our daily and long-term life plans. Although we do themed studies that focus on books of the Bible or specific topics, we also take the time to examine current life events and to discuss how we, as Christians, can respond using a Biblical worldview.

Teachers: IB and Michelle Parnell (; 404-985-6137)
Adult ClassOur class is filled with a variety of ages, a mixture of singles and parents, with kids ranging from 2 years old to teenagers. We are a group of people who love each other and love God. We are passionate about community, sharing life together, and growing spiritually through the study of God's Word every Sunday. We would love the chance to encourage you wherever you are in life.

Teacher: Eddie Brown (; 706-541-1068)
Adult ClassOur class is small, made up of 30 and 40 something parents with children ranging from 2 years old to teenagers. Many of us are "caught in the middle" of life. On the one hand, we are trying to raise our children and lead our families. On the other, we are caring for and sometimes mourning the loss of aging parents. It can be and often is a challenging phase of life. We are currently using the Lifeway Explore the Bible literature to study and reinforce biblical truths that will help us live Christ-centered, God-honoring lives. Join us as we attempt to support and encourage one another in the many ministry and growth opportunities of life.

Teacher: Reid Inglett (; 706-373-0710)
Adult ClassOur class is open to anyone wanting to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ through His Word. We offer a casual approach to teaching and learning in which all members are encouraged to share what they are learning through the lesson study. Each week, we apply the head, heart, hands approach to the lesson. We learn using Scripture as our base, we apply it to our daily lives, and then we leave with a challenge to share what we have learned with others. We are a new class so we are forming traditions as we go. We all are very excited to welcome new guests to our class, and we believe that it is important for us to get to know each other on a personal level, so we share texts and meet quarterly with our families. Our hope is that each person in our class will feel loved and know that we are ready to do life with each other, through prayer, fellowship, and discipleship.

Teachers: John (; 706-830-5978) Michele (; 706-309-9694) Sherman
Adult ClassWe recognize the importance of God's Word in changing our character to be more like Christ. Through God's enabling, we teach His Word to encourage members to know God and His will as individual believers and to encourage and strengthen our families. We purpose our members to serve and develop relationships in order to share the Gospel. The average age of our class members is around 44. Our source material is a publication from Lifeway entitled "Explore the Bible." Anyone is welcome to join us.

Teacher: Francis Yelton (; 706-541-1039)
Adult ClassOur class is a coed class ranging in age from 45-60. Our material consists of Christ-centered Bible-based lessons with a modern perspective written by some of today's most respected Christian leaders. Past lessons have some from the likes of Beth Moore, David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, and Charles Stanley. We utilize a class discussion format rather than lecture, which allows interaction of participants, instruction from Scripture, and relevance to today's world. In addition to class time, our members become connected and serve our church body in various capacities. To strengthen our class ties, we learn of prayer needs, opportunities to serve each other and socialize in regular off campus events.

Teacher: Tony Lively (; 706-836-4021)
Adult ClassWe are a group who loves the Lord, His Word, our fellow man and has a real passion for the lost. We believe God still has plans for us so we are involved in a number of ministries locally, nationally and internationally. We study God's Word to see how we might apply it to our lives. Our class is open to all ages ranging currently from 25 to 95. We would love for you to come and check us out.

Teacher: Tracy McDaniel (; 706-713-0900)
Adult ClassThe purpose of our class is seeking to follow Jesus in all that we do including: focus on Bible study, aid in the process of disciple making, meeting ministry needs of members, and evangelism. As a class we also try to do a class project occasionally such as adopt a needy family through the Broad Street Ministry.

Our class is currently in a study of the Old Testament using the Lifeway Gospel Project series. Each series last 3 years and the study takes us on a journey through various parts of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. A major contribution in our Christian learning and growing process comes through sharing personnel experiences related to our Bible studies during the class.

Our class format consists primarily of lecture and discussion mixed with occasional audio and video media (such as the DVD “Is Genesis History?”). Members range in age from the 30’s to 70’s. Our classroom is arranged so that members sit at a table. We have snacks most Sunday mornings and we meet periodically to better acquaint ourselves and enjoy a meal and Christian fellowship.

Teacher: Garry Davis (; 706-541-0364)
Adult ClassOur class goal is to deepen our knowledge of God through Bible study and discussion. We also intentionally set aside time to enjoy fellowship through social and service events. Overall we span from 20’s-40’s ranging from single/engaged/newly married to married with young children. We aim to grow in “unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God” by studying God’s Word one book at a time, verse by verse. Conversational lecture with opportunities for discussion.

Teachers: John Eubank ( and Wes Dant (
Adult ClassCome join the men at The Store as we do topical studies. The Store is at the corner of Ray Owens and White Oak Road, just a block north of the main parking lot. There is no age limit, but the discussions are generally geared for teenagers up! Our focus is Building the Kingdom by discipling men. Our challenge is to "be real" as we go shoulder2shoulder through life. We are affectionately known as the men's "red neck Sunday School".

Teacher: Stanley Anderson (; 706-840-2332)
The Store
Adult ClassWe are a women's class of mixed ages. We study God's Word to know Him and to apply what He says to our specific needs. Those needs range from new mother to those farther along the path of life who have lost spouses or family member or dealing with health issues and aging parents. In whatever circumstances we learn God is a very present help. We want to learn to better praise Him as we are conformed to His image.

We want Hannah's persistence in prayer, Mary's obedience to His will, Esther's courage to go against the enemy for others and the unshakable gratitude of Mary Magdalene to follow Him.

We are currently in Explore the Bible series, a study through particular books of the Bible. And are desiring like David to have a heart for God. Our service projects are Lydia's Project, a free service to women facing any kind of cancer. And Julie's House, a safe house for abused needy women.

We welcome any to come learn of Him and find rest for your soul. Matthew 11:28-29

Teacher: Helen Pollard (706-541-0808)
Adult ClassGrace Place: A group of women from college age and up. We are working to become better Disciples of Christ. We welcome everyone, regardless of their past or how they have done life to this point. We believe that we must be open and honest so that we can grow in Christ. We want to walk arm in arm as we support each other through whatever life brings us.

Teachers: Mary Lynn Eubank (; 706-541-0444)
Adult ClassOur class is made up of nearly and newly married couples. We are disciples making disciples, primarily discussing and learning what the Bible has to say for